Goanna Energy Consulting has become Tasmania's leading specialist energy consultancy, saving our Tasmanian business clients over six million dollars in the past 7 years. We access the lowest cost electricity, renewable energy, natural gas and LPG rates by running competitive energy procurement tenders.

Goanna's money saving services also include energy cost management and strategy development, energy invoice reconcilliation, network tariff optimization, renewable energy business cases, energy studies, environmental mapping & energy efficiency.

Goanna provide energy policy and regulatory advice along with energy user advocacy. We have a sound history of success as an independent expert in electricity and energy dispute resolution. We also provide advice on High Voltage Extensions, upgrades and improving supply reliability and supply quality issues.

To arrange a confidential no obligation discussion on the many ways we can save your business time and money contact Marc White on 0418 596 162.


Our Tasmanian Electricity Market Information Sessions have helped prepare over 920 local businesses for "retail choice" of energy retailer and being energy aware. Chances are, we can help yours to! Goanna are pleased to be involved in a range of exciting Tasmanian energy events during 2015. Click here to find out more.

Latest News and Information

Our latest Newsletters, Industry reports and updated Tasmanian energy information, including information for Full Retail Contestability (FRC) for Tasmanian electricity consumers and Standing Offer Contracts for Contestable Customers is available here.

Goanna Energy Consulting Pty Ltd is a Tasmanian company based out of Hobart, promoting the interests and servicing the needs of Tasmania's largest Electricity and Natural Gas users and Government Departments.